There is a specific weight machine designed to strengthen every muscle group in the body. Weight machines combine weight with resistance training to isolate specific areas of the body and pump them up. State of art Weight machines at Inferno Gyms can still help you build and tone muscle to a level that is right for you.


Certified trainers at Inferno Gyms are available to guide members through specialized programs. Personal trainers guide, motivate and Inferno' Trainers make sure the member adheres to their program. The trainers at Inferno gym are constantly updated on latest techniques & best workout practices.


It's one of the best ways to burn calories and help you lose weight and at Inferno gyms we make it best for you! At Inferno Gyms you will find dozen of Group classes that helps you burn calories and get fresh after busy day out. Ask for FREE TRIAL at any of Inferno Gym Branch in Delhi NCR and exprience yourself!

About Inferno gym

As a member of Inferno Gym you’ll completely enjoy the access of the best trainers, group classes’ instructors and personal trainers. We provide best gym fitness equipment and tools that helps our members to go further in their fitness goals. This equipment includes treadmills, tummy trimmer, abdominal machine, exercise bicycle, leg press machine, cross trainer etc.

Inferno Gyms specializes in the safe and powerful fitness sessions that will help to attain better health, lifestyle and wellbeing. Our gym is spacious enough and well ventilated to provide you good surroundings to work in. We also provide separate workout classes for both men and women in our gym. Our gym is fully air conditioned with wide and comprehensive range of cardio fitness equipments.

Flexible Membership

With the pandemic cases dwindling, it is just the right time to get back into your fitness routine. If you have slumped into the incorrect way of living, ditch your sedentary ways and walk into our fitness temple. We are willing to renew the old memberships and offer new ones. We offer premium services at reasonable costs under a single roof. With all the plus points, you will never find a reason to be disinterested once you avail of our services.

Offline or Online? Yes, the nightmare of covid seems to have ended but then the new variant is still a cause for concern. If you are one of our over-cautious clients, you can opt for online classes. So avail the opportunity of getting into shape from the comfort of your home till it becomes safer to step out.

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With the right support you can achieve extraordinary things.We know that walking into a gym can be intimidating. We've all been there before. The last thing we want is for you to feel self-conscious when you're working out for the first time or any time..